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       Zhuji Dongsan Auto Parts Factory is a professional manufacturer of automobile brake systems and pneumatic brake valves. The company's main products include pneumatic brakes, clutch boosters, China Railway Aolong STYER KING and HOWO heavy-duty truck spring brake chambers and valves Shaanxi Delong, Futong Aoman, Chongqing Hongyan, North Benz, Volvo, Dongfeng Jiefang, etc.
       The company adheres to the corporate culture concept of "Pragmatism, Innovation and Development". To achieve long-term development with high-quality products and honest quality. At present, our self-sales products and products provided to distributors have been widely evaluated and recognized in the market. ISO9001:2001 quality system certification 2011. We attach great importance to production management, operation and product quality, and hire engineers and various professional and technical personnel for new product development, process and quality management. Regarding hardware, we have digital control. Machines, die casting machines, machine tools and inspection equipment. The main valve components are processed by CNC machine tools and high-quality tools. We also have die casting, finished. It has processing, assembly, and testing capabilities, and has a standardized valve production line. All the products of the outsourcing company have reached the relevant national standards, ensuring the quality of the valve assembly products.
      We adhere to the belief that "today's quality is tomorrow's market", and look forward to your visit and cooperation.

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Hongfei Cable Group

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Each product has undergone a professional computer for tightness testing and cyclic sampling to provide customers with reliable quality assurance


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20 years of deep industry cultivation


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Passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification

Zhuji Dongsan Vehicle Fittings Factory

Focus on the research and development of automobile brake systems and pneumatic brake valves to promote the development of the auto parts industry!

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